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Sunday, July 19, 2015

French Armored Car Platoon. Northern of France, December 1914

A French Platoon belonging to a "Groupe d'Auto-Mitrailleuses-Canons de la Marine"

A Section (Platoon), of the two that were constituting the "Groups of Auto-MG-Cannons of the Navy" (GAMC)*, performs a stop in a town of northern of France or of Belgium, at an early date to December 1914.
In the foreground, two Renault Armored Cars (M.G.) M1914 and, later, four Peugeot Armored Cars (Cannon) M1914. Open the column one of the Peugeot, this one unarmed and dedicated to the ammunition supply of the Section, which means that still they are far from the front.

* Groupe d'Auto-Mitrailleuses-Canons de la Marine (GAMC)


Una Sección francesa perteneciente a un "Groupe d'Auto-Mitrailleuses-Canons de la Marine"
Una Sección, de las dos que constituían los Grupos de Auto-Ametralladoras-Cañones de la Marina (GAMC)*, realiza una parada en alguna localidad del norte de Francia o de Bélgica, en fechas próximas a diciembre de 1914.
En primer plano, dos Auto-Ametralladoras Blindadas Renault M1914 y, a continuación, cuatro Auto-Cañones Blindados Peugeot M1914. Abre la columna uno de los Peugeot, éste desarmado y dedicado al municionamiento de la Sección, lo cual significa que aún están lejos del frente.

* Groupe d'Auto-Mitrailleuses-Canons de la Marine (GAMC)

Belgian Lanchester Armoured Car, early 1916

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Japanese Osaka Armored Cars M1919 in Siberia, 1921

Japanese Armored Cars in Siberia (Siberian Expeditionary Force 1918-1922)

Three Osaka Armored Cars M1919 (*). The left one is a medium type (in Japan qualified as light), performed on a 3-ton truck. The two on the right are heavy type, made on 4-ton trucks. Probably this photograph could have been taken after the conquest of the city of Khabarovsk, on 22 December 1921. This action took part, as support for the white 'Kápelevtsy' troops, the japanese armored cars and artillery, according to military writings of Trotsky.

(*) Manufactured in the Osaka Army Arsenal (Osaka Hohei Kosho), Osaka, Japan.

See: Osaka Armored Car Heavy Type M1919

See: Osaka Armored Car Medium Type M1919


Coches blindados japoneses en Siberia (Fuerza Expedicionaria de Siberia 1918-1922)

Tres Coches Blindados Osaka M1919 (*). El de la izquierda es de tipo medio (calificado por los japoneses como ligero), realizado sobre el chasis de un camión de tres toneladas. Los dos de la derecha son de tipo pesado, realizados sobre chasis de camiones de 4 toneladas.

Probablemente esta fotografía podría haber sido tomada después de la conquista de la ciudad de Khabarovsk, el 22 de diciembre de 1921. En esta acción intervinieron, como apoyo a las tropas blancas conocidas como 'Kápelevtsy', artillería y coches blindados japoneses, según consta en los escritos militares de Trosky.

(*) Fabricados en el Arsenal del Ejército en Osaka, Japón [Arsenal Osaka (Osaka Hohei Kosho)].

Ver: Coche Blindado Osaka Tipo Pesado M1919

Ver: Coche Blindado Osaka Tipo Medio M1919

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Three German Minerva Armored Cars (Modified) belonging to the 1st Armored Cars Platoon (1916)

The ''Others'' armored cars of the German 1st Armored Cars Platoon.

The German 1st Armored Cars Platoon "Panzer Kraftwagen Maschinengewehr Zug-1" (Pz.Kw.MG.Zg-1), in Sivry-sur-Meuse, Verdun, France, population that served as barracks of the Platoon, during the months of March to June 1916.

Three Belgian Minerva Armored Cars (the center seen from behind) captured and modified by the Germans. On the right the German Daimler Armored Car M1915. This photograph was taken in late May or early June 1916.

Brief description:

No. 1 - Minerva Armored Car (Ex-Belgian - Captured and modified by the Germans).

No. 2 - Minerva Armored Car (Ex-Belgian - Captured and modified by the Germans). Seen from behind.

No. 3 - Minerva Armored Car (Ex-Belgian - Captured and modified by the Germans). Register Number: V-3450. In the lateral: P. M .....  Park Motorized V? (V = 5th Army).

No. 4 - Daimler Armored Car M1915 (Built by the Germans).

Freikorps Epp Armored Cars. Munich, circa 1920

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Panzerkampfwagen Daimler KD I (Typ 1) M1919 [Turretless] belonging to Freikorps von Epp. Munich, Bavaria, 1919.

German Daimler KD I Armored Car Type 1 M1919 (Turretless), belonging to Freikorps von Epp. 
Munich, Bavaria, circa May to July 1919.

A few days ago, I saw the photograph published here, in a post of the Landships WW1 Forum (*), and I could not resist to investigate the origin of this strange armored vehicle.
I am not mistaken in supposing that, most of us, we had not seen before.
No doubt this is an "Unknown Armored Car" unclassified, both their origin and their denomination.
With these images now public, I advance the conclusions of my work.
Later I will publish the texts that complete the work.


Coche Blindado alemán Daimler KD I Tipo 1 M1919 (Sin torreta), perteneciente al Freikorps von Epp. Munich, Baviera, circa mayo-julio de 1919.

Hace unos días que vi, en un post del Foro Landships WWI (*), la fotografía que aquí publico, y no pude resistirme a investigar sobre el origen de este extraño vehículo blindado.
Creo no equivocarme al suponer que, la mayoria de nosotros, no lo habíamos visto anteriormente.
Sin duda se trata de un Coche Blindado desconocido sin clasificar, tanto su origen como su denominación.
Con estas imágenes que ahora publico, os adelanto las conclusiones de mi trabajo.
Posteriormente publicaré los textos que completan el trabajo.

 (*) http://landships.activeboard.com/t60437936/id-armoured-car/

Russian Mobile Office No. 53

Federal Armored Car M1915, New York National Guard (NYNG) 1915

1st Armored Motor Battery, New York National Guard (NYNG) 1916

US Army Overland Machine Gun Car 1916