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Monday, February 27, 2012

British Thornycroft Anti-Aircraft Gun Carrier, 13-pdr 9cwt (Mk IV Mount), captured by the Germans, France, ca. 1918.

Thornycroft Anti-Aircraft Gun Carrier (QF 13-pdr Mk IV AA Gun), British 99th Anti-Aircraft Section, Salonika, Greece, 1916.

Thornycroft and Peerless trucks with QF 13-pdr Mk IV Anti-Aircraft Guns

Six guns of this model were manufactured by the Elswick Ordnance Company in 1914. With them formed three anti-aircraft sections of two pieces each. The guns were mounted on British Thornycroft trucks type 'J' of three tons (the 14 th and 99 th sections) and on U.S. trucks Peerless of four tons (a section deployed in Egypt).


Camiones Thornycroft y Peerless con cañones antiaéreos QF 13-pdr Mk IV

Seis cañones de este modelo fueron fabricados por la Elswick Ordnance Company en 1914. Con ellos se formaron tres secciones antiaéreas de dos piezas cada una. Los cañones se montaron sobre camiones británicos Thornycroft tipo 'J' de tres toneladas (la 14ª y la 99ª secciones) y sobre camiones estadounidenses Peerless de cuatro toneladas (una sección desplegada en Egipto).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Indian Motorcycles' of the Russian Imperial Army in the WWI.

Russian ''Automobile Machine Gun Platoon'' Type 1914.

Russian "Automobile Machine Gun Platoon Type 1914" (TO&E).

Formed according to the Organizational Chart No. 19 (December 21, 1914)

HQ Section
1x Motorcycle with sidecar
1x Staff Car

1st Section
1x Motorcycle
1x Passenger Car
1x Austin Armored Car Mk.I or First Series

2nd Section
1x Motorcycle
1x Passenger Car
1x Austin Armored Car Mk.I or First Series

3rd Section
1x Motorcycle
1x Passenger Car
1x Austin Armored Car Mk.I or First Series

Support Section
1x Truck General Services (GS)
1x Workshop Truck
1x Gasoline Truck


From 1914, Platoons No. 5 to No. 12 had 3 Austin Armored Cars Mk.I.

From August 1915 to 1916 a Garford-Putilov Armored Car was added to each platoon, creating a fourth section with the following organization:

4th Section
1x Motorcycle
1x Passenger Car
1x Garford-Putilov Armored Car (76-mm Mountain Gun & 2 Maxim Machine Guns).

British Vickers Mark I .303" Machine Gun, Mk.IV Mounting Tripod.

Improvised Rolls-Royce Armoured Car (RNAS), France, 1914.

A battery (four pieces) of Italian SPA 9000 self-propelled guns of 102/35-mm, captured by Austrians near Udine, Italy, October-November, 1917.

Monday, February 13, 2012

King Armored Car Model 1915, USMC. Philadelphia, Summer 1916.

Armored Cars King tested by the US Marine Corps (USMC).  Philadelphia, Summer 1916.

In August 1916, the Marine Corps (USMC) tested loading-unloading and landing with two Armored Car King, in a motor boats of 40-feet long, equipped with ramps placed on the stern.

The photo shows the moment of the discharge,
by a crane port, of one of the King Armored Car, transported from a boat to one of the docks of the Advanced Base Force of the Navy in Philadelphia.


Coches Blindados King testados por el Cuerpo de Marines de los Estados Unidos. Filadelfia, verano de 1916.

En agosto de 1916, el Cuerpo de Marines (USMC) realizó pruebas de carga-descarga y desembarco con dos Coches Blindados King, en lanchas a motor de 40-pies de eslora, equipadas con rampas colocadas sobre la popa.

La fotografía recoge el momento de la descarga, por una grúa portuaria, de uno de los Coche Blindados King, transportado desde una lancha a uno de los muelles de la Base de la Fuerza Avanzada de la Marina en Filadelfia.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Clement-Bayard Partly-Armored M.G. Car (Auto-Mitrailleuse Clément-Bayard Mle.1910). France, 1914.

French Panhard Machine Gun Car (Auto-mitrailleuse Panhard) Model 1911

Clarifying Note:

In a previous post, which I replaced with this one, had classified the vehicle of photography as a Clément-Bayard 1910, when in fact it is a Panhard model 1911.

Nota aclaratoria:

En un post anterior, que he sustituído por este otro, había clasificado el vehículo de la fotografía como un Clément-Bayard de 1910, cuando en realidad se trata de un modelo Panhard de 1911.